Cost Containment

Cost Containment Strategies and Support

Morton LTC uses technology and expertise to help reduce and contain pharmaceutical and rehospitalization costs. We help our customers proactively address changing reimbursement models and regulations to stay viable and vital in a changing long term care marketplace.

Formulary Management

  • Generic drug dispensing
  • Therapeutic substitution
  • Price forecasting
  • Medication reduction strategies, including antibiotics and psychotropics
  • On-site reviews by consultant pharmacists

Business Operations Support

  • Hospital readmission mitigation via medication reconciliations and full chart reviews
  • Resolutions to quickly address non-covered medications
  • Business reviews and analysis upon request, including comparables reports

Stay Viable and Vital in a Changing Marketplace

Profile Reviews vs. Full Chart Reviews

Full chart reviews are a pharmacist’s 360-degree examination of a person’s fall risk, behavioral factors, need for continued medications, and compliance to health care provider instructions. A profile review is a pharmacist’s evaluation and recommendation on a resident’s medication profile only. Morton LTC pharmacists are dedicated to completing full chart reviews to improve quality, overall resident care, and compliance with Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) regulations.

Attentive Transitions of Care

Morton LTC, a respected health care leader within the regional long term care market, has come to know the individual needs of patients and residents who move between levels of care. Our pharmacists readily assist with attentive transitions of care to help decrease rates of rehospitalization, improve resident quality of life, and contain costs. Personal care pays.